Five NFL Sports Betting Steps for Success

Your Weekly NFL Sports Betting Punch List

Here Are Five Sports Betting Steps for Success

If you’re working in the field of sports betting, then you’ll find that it helps to have a punch list, a sheet of “to-do” items, which you attend to each week. Here is a suggested list that you can use in NFL sports betting. Feel free to amend it to meet any specific needs or duties related to the way you make your picks.

Check Odds

Go around to the various sportsbooks and see what odds are posted. The reason to do this early is the odds may push you in the direction of certain games and away from others. You’ll also start to get an idea of which books you may want to use that week. Finally, you may see a deal. If you do, go for it!

Stats and Matchups

As you start to decide which games you’re going to bet, it’s a good time to review stats and matchups. This may take a while, so you want to begin the process early in the week. Use and special features at various sport-related sites such as ESPN’s Insider section.

Review Last Few Games

Take some time to review the last few games that each team has played and to compare them to the upcoming contest. Also, you want to review the last few meetings between the two clubs you’re going to bet.

You’re not just checking basic stats, but you’re looking at time of possession, third down and red zone conversions, amount of time each team has possession and other areas that will inform you about the ebb and flow of the game.

Injury Report

This is basic but remember that NFL injury reports can be deceptive. Some top players will be listed as probable with a “shoulder injury” each week and yet they are outstanding in each and every game. Learn to read the injury report with a grain of salt.

Make note of any players who are out and don’t forget to pay attention to the all-important offensive and defensive linemen.

Find Best Odds

You should be ready to wager. Go through the various sportsbooks and find the best odds, making your final decisions on which games and teams you’re going to bet. This part of the sports betting experience should be fairly easy if you’ve done your homework.

Sports Betting—After Making Your Choices

Now that you’ve made your decisions be sure to follow each and every game as closely as you can. The fact is with all of your bets in and the games in progress, you are now preparing for the next week. This final step in your punch out list is actually the first step for next week. Enjoy the entire sports betting experience!