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Using Stats in NFL Sports Betting

Statistics Offer a Firm Foundation for Your Sports Bets

When is comes to sports betting, it’s important that the bettor use as many facts as they possibly can and one of the richest resources for this information can be found in team and individual stats. You’ll find a range of statistics available for free online, with www.NFL.com being one of the best sources around. Here are four types of statistics that you should always use.

Team Stats

These are basic numbers on offense, defense and special teams and include average points per game scored and allowed, total yards on offense and allowed by defense and passing and rushing yards gained on offense and given up defense. These stats are used to establish a general picture of how each team has performed thus far. In considering these numbers, it’s advised that you see how the team did against specific opponents. In your handicapping, try to find an opponent who matches up with the opponent the team is about to face.

Group and Individual Stats

Now that you’ve got the team stats, it’s time to consider group or unit stats and individual numbers. To be effective in sports betting, you’ll need to study all of the key squads and the major players in each.

The units on offense include running backs, receivers and offensive line. Those on defense include the frontline, linebackers and secondary. Quarterbacks are analyzed individually. After checking the unit stats, you’ll then focus on key players on each unit and compare them to who they will be playing against on the other side of the ball.

Physical Matchups

When analyzing matchups be sure to checkout both the corresponding statistical and physical data. You may be looking at a defense that has a large number of sacks. But they may be facing a bigger than usual and tougher than normal frontline and those aspects may neutralize the pass rush.

Past and Recent Performance

Generally speaking past performance is not as important as recent performance and like the other stats, these are guideposts and indicators and not all-knowing predictors of performance. Past performance relates to how these two clubs did against one another the last two times they met. Recent performance is in relationship to the last game each team played and the one before that.

As far as when the team’s last met, you need to consider changes and improvements both clubs have made, any fluctuations in team health and how adept the coach is at adjusting his game plan to counter what happened in the last game.

When it comes to past performance, the quality of the last team the club faced must be compared to their present opponent.  Are they an equal rival and if so in what way? Are they stronger or weaker and in what manner? Can they be expected to perform in the same manner this week? Consider why or why not.

Solid Sports Betting Choices

If you do your homework and engage in an active, objective analysis, you’ll have a much better chance of being a winner when it comes to sports betting. Possessing a good mathematical mind and a thorough understanding of the game will both go a long way in ensuring that you put up winning numbers.