NFL Preseason Sports Betting Challenges

Betting on Exhibition Games is Tougher than You Might Expect

Some sports bettors can’t wait for the NFL season to begin. They start salivating when the NFL Draft goes into full gear, monitor every moment of training camp and are ready to put their cash down when the first lines come out. But there are many challenges when it comes to sports betting and the preseason. If you are going to wager on NFL exhibition games, keep the following points in mind.

Preseason Substitutions Abound

One problem with engaging in sports betting during the preseason is that often the top players are in for one quarter and then the other guys are inserted. This is done for a few reasons—to give new players a chance to be seen and some game experience, to see what combinations of players might work and to rest the starters and make sure they’re healthy for the regular season. The range of substitutions during exhibition games makes wagering on games extremely difficult for the serious sports bettor.

Stars Holding Back

Even when they are in the game, the top players are often holding back. That fact makes sports betting a real chancy experience during the preseason. That’s because you have no idea exactly how much effort any established player is going to put in or be able to put in during an exhibition game. So, if you’re expecting Peyton Manning or Tom Brady to throw 30 points up on the scoreboard, think again. They may not be throwing to their regular receivers and they may be simply warming up for the real games.

Coaches are Experimenting

The fact is coaches are experimenting and refining schemes, putting various players in that they know little about and trying to work out kinks and find the right chemistry. This is preseason for them too, and it’s the first time that players are actually putting their plans into action. For the coaching staff, it’s not so much about winning as verifying that plays and players are on the right course.

Light Sports Betting Recommended

If you are going to wager on preseason games, then do so carefully. Use these games as your own warm-up for the real season. Try to anticipate what players will be utilized and what the coaches are attempting to achieve. Do your homework prior to game and remember that sound analysis is necessary. If you do these things, it will greatly enhance your preseason sports betting experience.