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What Defines a Quality Team?

When it comes to sports betting, there are some NFL teams that seem to consistently win and end up in the AFC or NFC championship mix. As of late, teams that immediately come to mind include the Indianapolis Colts, New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles and a few others. Lately, up and coming teams have included the Houston Texans, New Orleans Saints and Arizona Cardinals. Why are some teams more consistent than others?

The NFL Draft

Teams that make trades and draft up and those who make solid picks consistently through the draft create a framework for success. The NFL Draft actually marks the start of the new season as a club’s strategy is illustrated by its picks. It’s important in sports betting to pay attention to the draft and to analyze it carefully.


A team’s head coach is the glue that holds them together and if that coach has the ability to create schemes that the team accepts and ably executes, then he’ll create a winner. Once he does that, he can continue to generate positive outcomes and build the team.

Also, the head coach is responsible for engineering much of what happens in the draft. Remember, the draft is reflective of a team’s philosophy and game plan. A successful draft that’s connected to a coach’s schemes can equal success.

General Manager

The NFL’s hard salary cap means that the team’s general manager must be an expert money manager, insightful evaluator of talent and top notch negotiator. The best NFL GMs tend to have great working relationships with their head coaches. The GM may be considered the 12th player on the field as he can really influence your success in sports betting.


The NFL is rife with players who get into trouble on and off the field. Some weeks it seems as though the league rap sheet is longer than the NFL’s injury report. A team that’s led by a coach of high character and that attracts players of solid character won’t have to constantly battle the press, rumors and the law. Players with solid character allow teams to focus on the game.

Quality Teams and Sports Betting

The fact is that a winning sports betting strategy involves including quality teams on your betting slip. Look for the four attributes outlined in this article that define clubs that often have successive seasons filled with success. Then analyze all of the available pre-betting information. You may find that you have a consistent winner.