Whether the Weather is a Factor in NFL Sports Betting

When You Should Take Weather into Consideration

There have been some famous games involving the weather such as the Patriots’ Snow Bowl where they beat the Oakland Raiders in OT in the 2002 AFC Divisional game. First, the Pats tied the game late in the fourth quarter with a field goal. Then the contest was won with a field goal kicked at the height of a raging snowstorm. It was a wild game that was definitely influenced by the weather. Here are some weather conditions that may affect a game’s outcome and could influence your sports betting decisions.

Hot to Cold

If a hot weather team is going to an outdoor cold weather venue that can certainly favor the home team because they tend to be used to the extreme conditions. The same might be said about a team going from cold to hot except the hot weather does not affect someone’s ability to control, catch, throw and hold onto the ball the way the cold weather does.

Inside Out

Teams that play their home games indoors who have to journey to an open-air stadium and endure bad weather can also be at a disadvantage. Poor field conditions, difficult ball handling situations and tough kicking challenges can all affect the outcome of a game. The home team, which is used to this type of weather, should have the advantage.

Wind Tunnels

The kicking and passing game can be affected by extreme wind conditions when a game is played outdoors. The advantage will usually go to the team that calls that field home because, as in the other scenarios, they have dealt with the wind before. Also, the club that can exploit the wind to their advantage in the final quarter has a bit of an edge.

Rain, Snow, Sleet

Bad field conditions, poor footing, puddles or snowcover can slow down the running game, make pass catching difficult and hamper tackling. If the weather gets bad enough, it may not favor anyone. As far as sports betting is concerned, try to stay away from these games because often these types of contests are decided by chance occurrences or the weather itself. Games played in bad weather can affect both the spread and the over/under.

Lack of Weather

Indoor games or games played outdoors in fairly perfect conditions certainly offer an even playing field that simply favors the team that executes their game plan the best. A lack of wind means there’s no extra push for or against a field goal and a lack of sun means no one is going to lose the ball in the light.

Sports Betting Choices Influenced by the Weather

More times than not, the home team holds the upper hand when the weather goes bad. Prior to making your wagers, take some time to check the weather in places such as Green Bay, New England, Pittsburgh and New York. Bad conditions could create an edge for the home club.