Sports Betting and Wagering On and Against NFL Quarterbacks

How Good is the QB and how Tough is the “D” he’s Facing?

Is the NFL all about the quarterback? When you’re engaged in sports betting are you picking teams primarily based on who’s in the signal caller spot? Sure Payton Manning, Drew Breese and Tom Brady are superior field generals but both have been beaten by smart defenses and both have had off days. Here’s what you should consider when betting on and against NFL quarterbacks.

Top QBs with Great O-lines

If a team has one of the top five starting quarterbacks in the league then bet on him, especially if his offensive line is healthy and playing well. These guys can be difficult to beat and often they’ll find seams in the best defenses.

We’re talking about quarterbacks who are smart, have powerful accurate arms and play well under pressure. If that’s what you’re looking at, then go with that QB and their team as you make your sports betting picks.

Fast, Smart, Quick Release QBs

Maybe the frontline isn’t the best but the QB is fast on his feet, has a high football IQ and possesses that extremely quick Dan Marino-like release. These guys can beat blitzes and wear down good defenses. Often this type of signal caller, especially if he has talented pass catchers, is worth putting your sports betting cash on them.

Struggling Signal Callers

If a quarterback is struggling as a passer, making bad decisions and unable to generate any offense, then feel free to make him a major part of your sports betting decision making process. It’s almost impossible for a team in the NFL to win with a running game alone. Bet against this guy unless you can identify circumstances that might change your mind.

Superior Defenses

Sometimes even the best quarterbacks will struggle and crumble under the pressure of a finely tuned and talented defense. Always take the “D” into consideration when you’re analyzing quarterbacks. The fact is a balanced, premium defense can shut down anyone as long as they play up to their potential.

Sports Betting Involves Many Factors

The quarterback is just one of many factors that those engaged in sports betting must consider prior to making their wagers. There are times when these guys can’t be beat and other times when they can’t win. Use the four circumstances discussed above to help you focus on game-breaking and game-winning signal callers.