Sports Betting and the NFL Preseason

Essential Betting Information You Can Use from the Preseason

When you’re sports betting, the NFL preseason is a good time to garner information about the upcoming season. In this article, we’re going to look at what the preseason can tell you about how a team will perform in the regular season.

It’s recommended that you watch as many preseason games as possible, review summaries and check rosters on a daily basis. Take notes that you can use later in your sports betting. Remember, as a sports bettor this is your preseason too.

Rookie Standouts

If a rookie is going to be an impact player immediately, then you’ll get a sense of it in the preseason. This is especially true in two areas—on defense and in the receiving squad. Strong defensive play by any rookie is a good sign and you should make note of it in your sports betting notes.

Standout rookie or new wideouts may also assert themselves early. New running backs are often tougher to assess if the coach is developing the frontline and making adjustments. Although rookie quarterbacks have recently stepped up in the regular season that tends to be rare occurrence and more often than not they look like a deer in the headlights during the preseason.

Frontline Play

The offensive and defensive frontlines are very important when it comes to a team’s success and your being successful in your sports betting picks. Use this time to see how each frontline plays—are they playing as a unit, are there any standout players, how fast, quick and agile are they, etc.? Make notes as to which new guys are being used, sat down or cut.

The Kicking Game

Is the kicking game stable or are there holes in it? Is there a new or an aging placekicker on board? How are they doing? So often a game’s outcome and your success as a sports bettor hangs on that kicking leg. By the way, assess the punting game too. A poor punter can mean great field position for opponents, resulting in scoring opportunities.

Team Health and Depth

Overall, you will get a sense of team health and depth during the preseason. Analyze each unit on offense and defense. Consider those who are on the mend and who might be their substitute. As the preseason goes on are starting spots starting to be solidified? They should be and sound backups should be in place. If that’s not the case, you may be watching a team that’s going to have some depth issues.

Getting Closer to the Regular Season

You can’t judge a team by their preseason record, but as the preseason progresses and it gets closer to the start of the regular season, you will start to get an idea of which teams will be ready to make a game of it. Use the knowledge you accumulate from these early weeks in your regular season sports betting picks when the games really count.