NFL Sports Betting and the Playoffs

Winning Essentials to Consider

The NFL playoffs are a whole other animal than the regular season and when it comes to sports betting the games can be tough to pick. There are 11 games in the playoff scenario and that includes the Super Bowl.

The first round of games includes the four Wild Card teams and four others. The second round includes the winners of those first four games and division winners. There are then two games—one to decide the AFC champs and the other for the NFC. Then the Super Bowl is played.  In the world of sports betting what should you consider if you want to have a productive playoff run? Here are five essentials.

Great Defense Beats Great Offense

In this equation, the operative word is “great.” If both are truly great, then chances are the defense will dominate. The problem for many teams is that their defense, no matter how good, tends to play inconsistent football. And maybe that’s the most important thing to realize—consistent play is important in the NFL’s second season. In terms of sports betting, you need to matchup each defense against each offense. It must be done carefully and with attention paid to detail. Overall, chances are you’ll find much better offenses than defenses.

Placekickers Are Difference Makers

So often a playoff game comes down to that 40 or 50-yard field goal. If a team has a cool as ice field goal kicker with a strong and accurate leg and that guy gets a chance, then that team will most likely win a close game. When evaluating kickers look at their field goal completion percentage, the longest distance they have hit from, what types of fields they have had success on and their injury status.

Teams with a Bye Have an Advantage

It is true that when it comes to sports betting there have been some surprises where the team that earned a bye came out of the gate on the second week and played a terrible game. But that’s really an exception to the norm. Usually that club that spent the first week of the playoffs resting will play well. That does not make them automatic winners, but they do have a leg up on the guys who played the week before.

Depth is Important

Depth is always important to consider when you are betting on a team event. Pay attention to the backups, evaluating how much playing time they’ve had, how well they’ve done and how versatile they are. In the playoffs if a key player goes down with an injury, there’s no time to recover. The second season and road to the Super Bowl is short and intense and that means bench depth is extremely important. While you’re considering depth be sure to take a close look at the injury report, noting which players may be on the cusp of sitting out the next playoff game.

Point Spreads May be Close

By the time the playoffs come along, NFL handicappers have a detailed picture of each team—their strengths, weaknesses and areas in which they are improving. Although it’s not always the case, point spreads tend to be very accurate, which makes sports betting an especially tough endeavor. Along with the idea that the bookmakers know these teams inside out, there’s also the fact that there’s not the usual full roster of regular season games to handicap, there are only four at the most. So be ready to do your homework and to make some tough decisions.

Careful Sports Betting Decisions

You really need to perform comprehensive research prior to betting on the NFL playoffs. Sports betting takes a lot of analytical skill and work, and as the stakes for the teams are much higher in the post-season, the playoffs require that you redouble your efforts prior to making your wagers. Remember to consider the five essentials discussed in this article, they can make you a winner.