NFL Sports Betting and Intangibles

How Things that Can’t be Quantified Can Influence a Game’s Outcome

In this sports betting article, we’re going to consider three intangibles that can influence the outcome of a NFL game and make the odds makers look foolish. An intangible is something that cannot be measured by statistics but that has an energy that can turn losers into winners and winners into losers.


Team chemistry is tough to define but it does exist. It’s not just about getting the best talent together and putting them on the field. In fact, putting a lot of great athletes on the gridiron can result in a lot of conflicting egos working against one another.

In the NFL, team chemistry starts with the head coach and works its way through all of the coaches and the entire team. When a mildly talented football team is focused and running on all cylinders, they can beat some of the best talent in the league. On the other hand, one or two key stars who have standout egos can destroy a pre-anointed champion very quickly.

Shifting Sands

This sports betting intangible is called “shifting sands” because like sand on a beach the movement is subtle and tough to track. These are teams that sneak up on you and the bookies slowly and then suddenly they are contenders. They are hard to recognize but you can identify them. Look for teams with one or two up and coming players who are starting to look like they may have breakthrough years. They could be a blossoming receiver, quick moving middle linebacker or an extra-fast running back who has been buoyed by a few new guys on the frontline.

A team that’s starting to play better than they did last season and play good teams close is worth a second look. They may be capable of an upset or two, especially when your wager involves a point spread.

Bulletin Board Material

Sometimes a player from an opposing team that is favored will say something disrespectful about their upcoming opponent. This can become bulletin board material that coaches post to inspire, anger and motivate the team. And it often works. Look for this type of incident and monitor it especially when the spread is less than a touchdown. You could turn that into a winning bet.

The Insider and Sports Betting

If you know an insider, who knows something most other people don’t about a game, then you can be golden when it comes to sports betting. Of course, most of us don’t have access to such people, but you do want to find any edge that you can when it comes to NFL sports betting. Looking for and exploiting the intangibles described above will give you such an edge.