Sports Betting and the Biggest Immediate Impact Players from the NFL Draft

When it Comes to Winning the Impact Rookies are Rarely Quarterbacks

The NFL Draft often attracts as much attention as the season itself. It is a huge event where teams, prospective pro players and fans hunker down to watch the proceedings. For sports bettors the question is can a rookie have an immediate impact? The answer is “yes” as long as the team has chosen a quality player who can be put into service immediately. Here’s a look at what types of players tend to have the biggest impact when they first enter the NFL.

Defensive Players Lead the Way

Defensive players tend to have a bigger impact than those on offense. In fact a great addition to the defense can turn a dismal team into a winner. The type of player you’re looking for had a big impact in college and is physically large and certainly strong. They also need to have a high football IQ.

Often you’ll find rookies in the secondary, either at safety or the corners, will be big time players their first year. That’s because they already have the speed, athleticism and skills to make the plays. They are lacking experience and may be burned during the season but often their physical gifts will help them make up for mistakes. You may find anywhere from one to four impact rookies in these spots each year.

Linemen, if they are big, fast and quick, can also be a major asset to a team and can help turnaround a defense. Usually there’s one guy who will go in the first round who has everything required and more. Chances are whoever gets him will be using him immediately.

The transitional linebacking spot tends to be tougher for rookies to play and there’s less chance of a first-time pro player being a difference maker in this spot. One may come around every three or four years.

Some Offensive Players Will Shine

If you’re looking for a rookie quarterback to make a difference for a team and to influence your sports betting picks in a positive way, well keep looking. The NFL quarterback spot is so complex and difficult to play that it usually takes the best college players a few years to become a true impact player. Instead look to the running back spot.

Again, you’ll usually find one player a year who can really take the rookie spotlight at running back. The transition from getting hit in college to hit in the NFL is a major one and a limited number of guys can stand up to the physical abuse that backs have to take.

Offensive line players who can be a major factor in their initial season are also hard to find. There are a few fine ones who come into the league each year, but a player on the O-line has to deal with complex schemes and advanced techniques that take a good year or more to learn. One O-line player every two or three years is normal.

It’s the receiving spot that will usually yield the most players who can make a quick impact. Again, like corners and safeties, the best of the best usually come into the league with great speed and good hands. If they are tall and athletic too, they can be making big catches and crossing the goal from the get-go.

Sports Betting and Tipping the Balance

So look to the defensive side for rookie players who will most likely impact your sports betting and to the receiving core for those on the opposite side of the ball who will make a difference. Remember, players are constantly cycling in and out of the league and certain individuals can make a difference in their initial season.