NFL Betting Guide

In the U.S., betting on the NFL is extremely popular. Too often, bettors simply start wagering without knowing what they’re doing and without a plan. After all, most Americans understand the game of football to some degree. But most don’t know very much about sports betting when they first engage in it.

That’s why NFLBetting.Net developed the NFL Sports Betting Guide. We were determined to create a real resource for the beginner and one that could also be utilized by those who have some experience in wagering on the NFL but want to know more and become more proficient at wagering on football. Although there are many sites where you can gather information on NFL betting, there’s no guide as comprehensive as ours.

Use this page to connect with our NFL Sports Betting Guide. You’ll find over 20 detailed articles covering various subjects, including basic bets, money management, and betting strategies.

NFL Sports Betting Guide Organization

We’ve broken our NFL Sports Betting Guide into four sections—Introduction to NFL Sports Betting, Money Management, Strategy and Tools and Betting on Specific Situations and Information. Each of the four parts represents an essential aspect of NFL wagering that you must understand and master in order to be successful.

Introductory Chapters

The chapters in the Introduction to NFL Sports Betting explain basic bets, giving you a solid foundation regarding not only which types of bets you can make, but also the risks involved and what the odds really mean. We offer detailed information on each type of bet you may encounter, including exotics.

Important Money Management Information

No matter what type of sports betting you engage in, you’ll soon discover that money management is vital to your success. You want to be in the game for the entire NFL season and in order to do so you’ll have to be smart with your cash, making quality bets. How much should you wager on one game, when should you raise your bets and how much of a bankroll do you need to support your enterprise for the entire regular season, through the NFL playoffs and to the Super Bowl?  We cover all of these subjects and more.

Strategy and Tools

Our Strategy and Tools section offers various methods and techniques that you can use when betting on the NFL. We detail how a successful bettor approaches a game, what online sites you can use, how pick services work and much more. Utilize this section each and every day that you bet on NFL games.

Betting on Specific Situations and Information

Finally, the last section of our NFL Sports Betting Guide considers what to do in specific situations and with various types of information. We want to make sure that you make smart decisions each and every time you wager on the NFL.

Read and Use Our NFL Sports Betting Guide

You’ll find that you have acquired a true edge once you’ve read through and started applying the information in this guide. Read all of the chapters from start to finish and come back to them when you need a refresher course. You’ll learn disciplined betting strategies and smart decision making from our NFL Sports Betting Guide.

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Section One: Introduction to NFL Sports Betting

Chapter 1: Sports Betting and NFL Point Spreads
Chapter 2: The Moneyline and NFL Sports Betting
Chapter 3: Translating the NFL Point Spread in Sports Betting
Chapter 4: Sports Betting and How the Over/Under Works in the NFL
Chapter 5: Sports Betting and the NFL Parlay
Chapter 6: Sports Betting and NFL Props

Section Two: Money Management

Chapter 7: Managing Your Sports Betting Bankroll for the NFL Season
Chapter 8: Sports Betting and the Need to Balance Your NFL Wagers
Chapter 9: Are Point Spreads and Moneylines Reflective of Real Odds?

Section Three: Strategy and Tools

Chapter 10: Using Stats in NFL Sports Betting
Chapter 11: Sports Betting and Wagering On and Against NFL Quarterbacks
Chapter 12: Sports Betting and Immediate Impact Players from the NFL Draft
Chapter 13: NFL Sports Betting and Intangibles
Chapter 14: Switching from NCAA Football to NFL Sports Betting
Chapter 15: NFL Sports Betting Tool Chest
Chapter 16: Your Weekly NFL Sports Betting Punch List
Chapter 17: Utilizing NFL Trends in Your Sports Betting

Section Four: Betting on Specific Situations and Information

Chapter 18: Three Areas Sports Bettors Forget to Factor into their NFL Bets
Chapter 19: Sports Betting and the NFL Preseason
Chapter 20: NFL Preseason Sports Betting Challenges
Chapter 21: NFL Sports Betting Best Bets
Chapter 22: NFL Sports Betting and the Playoffs
Chapter 23: Whether the Weather is a Factor in NFL Sports Betting
Chapter 24: Sports Betting and Practical Team Considerations